Vendor and Staff Training

Employee & Staff Engagement:

Sustainability initiatives are most successful when they have the support of the full team. Long-term success depends on investing in your team, sharing education and awareness to motivate team members to be ambassadors and advocates for the mission. 

It is important to have at least one primary point of contact overseeing the sustainability program and liaising with different departments so that goals are shared. 

Establishing an internal Green Team can create a support network and ongoing accountability. This helps evolve your business while offering leadership opportunities to members of your team. 

Integrating methods for collective decision-making and tools to receive innovative suggestions from team members. This also offers an opportunity for the team to be a part of the process and have a sense of ownership over the program.  

Employee & Staff Training: 

Proper training is critical to the long-term and successful implementation of any program. Create the necessary materials, signage, and orientation curriculum as well as reporting and evaluation frameworks to facilitate this training. 

Train and designate a waste management team responsible for monitoring waste sorting stations and correcting any contamination. 

Train and designate a dishwashing team to staff dishwashing stations to ensure all runs smoothly. 

Remember to implement training in pre-event briefing and orientation programs, taking time to explain your sustainability initiatives and standards to day-of-hires and all team members. 

Adopt a train-the-trainer model to empower internal champions and team leads to step into a leadership role, and to pass down the knowledge to their teams and new hires for the longevity of the program.

Key components to include in training materials: 

Share WHY your business is taking this step towards sustainability. 

Outline any specific action items employees & staff need to perform

Include any relevant scripts or template language for communicating these initiatives to guests, vendors, partners and sponsors. 

Your team is the primary interface between your activation and guests; equip them to be ambassadors for the program and to facilitate guest education efforts