Ditch Single-Use Plastic

As plastic is present in so many of the products we consume and bring to concerts or festivals, this can appear to be a difficult task! However, selecting options in sustainable and reusable packaging, including snacks and personal care products,  can help minimize your single-use plastic consumption. 

See below for a list of swaps!
  • Plastic packaged food items → Take prepared food in reusable containers. 
  • Single-use Plastic bags → Select reusable, durable bags or canvas alternatives.
  • Disposable cutlery → Swap for reusable cutlery kit (i.e. bamboo, wood etc.).
  • Tissues or wet-wipes → Opt for biodegradable and plastic free wipes.
  • Travel personal care products → Use reusable and refillable travel bottles.
  • Toilet Paper → Unbleached and recycled toilet paper.
  • Glitter! → Swap for fully biodegradable and non-toxic glitter options.
Other non-sustainable item swaps:
  • Traditional batteries (torches etc.) → Opt for rechargeable batteries/power-banks.
  • Harsh cleaning/toiletry products → Nature friendly/non-toxic alternatives.
  • Disposable signage → Use repurposed cardboard and non-toxic paints/chalks.
  • Decorations → Opt for more durable, non-plastic options e.g. natural cloth flags, fairy lights with rechargeable batteries.

Many companies now exist that sell Zero-Waste festival-ready kits – perfect for a camping festival, longer music event or overnight stay. These kits often consist of bamboo toothbrushes, ecological and recyclable miniature toiletries, biodegradable wipes and reusable cutlery. Consider investing in a kit to take to your next music event/festival and save plastic and money!