Announce Your Blue Seal

Now that your business has achieved Blue verification, it’s time to celebrate and spread the word! Communicating your success is a valuable tool to set your business apart while showcasing your leadership and commitment to a more sustainable planet. 

Some examples include:

Showcase your Blue verification badge/plaque on the entrance to your business

Create custom marketing materials incorporating Blue

Utilize the digital assets on your website

Businesses can work with Oceanic Global to develop custom communications resources and strategies.

Fan Engagement

Shift festival culture to align with your sustainability values by engaging fans in your sustainability journey. As more and more people are becoming aware of the climate crisis and the importance of sustainability, it is becoming increasingly expected that music organizers are taking extra steps to ensure sustainability.

Communicate the sustainability initiatives you have in place and give your fans the opportunity to take part in making them successful.

Publicize the importance of bringing their own reusable water bottle, using festival zero-waste kits, reusable dishware and properly using waste sorting stations. 

Include messaging pre-event, on social media, websites as well as in signage on-site.

Emphasize messages of sustainability on social media prior to the music event, giving advice to fans, screening films on environmental issues are all actions that can be taken to increase fan engagement and commitment to your sustainability goals!

Creating onsite environmental programming such as “eco-villages”, “eco-talks” and “restoration projects such as planting a tree” are another effective way to involve attendees during events. 

Consider adding an education corner to spread awareness about environmental issues and the solutions that exist. Include sustainability talks, interactive activities, arts & crafts, and film screenings!

There is also the opportunity to engage  fans and attendees in taking environmental actions before a festival or concert. For example, organisers can partner with local non-profits to host educational events such as beach cleanups, restoration projects etc and provide a certain amount of free or discounted tickets for those that participate in these environmental actions as well as attend the festival. 

  • Billie Eilish has announced that her tour will include an “Eco-village” to provide climate education resources at every venue presented in partnership with Reverb
  • On his last tour, over 100,000 environmental actions were taken by fans in Jack Johnson’s Village Green, including plastic free pledges as part of the Capture Your Commitment campaign.

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