The Blue List

Oceanic Global’s Blue List is a Business-to-Business network of 300+ global product or service solutions to issues addressed within the Blue Standard. The Blue List is an internal resource approved by the Blue Standard Advisory Board made available to businesses working to achieve Blue Verification.

Sample Vendors

Blue List Solution Providers Meet Criteria Including:

  • Single-use plastic-free products
  • Vetted materials
  • Responsible end-of-life

*25% of vendors in the Blue List database offer purchasing deals and discount codes for businesses becoming Blue Verified.

About the Blue List

Oceanic Global is proud to be a 1% For The Planet partner.

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What is the Blue List?

Oceanic Global’s official database of solution-providers for the Blue Standard’s three-star verification for business operations.

How can I join the Blue List?

What sustainability criteria are required for the Blue List?

Single-use plastic-free products

Vetted materials

Responsible End-of-Life

Who can see the Blue List?

Access to the full Blue List is only available for active members of the Blue Standard community.

Is there a cost to be on the Blue List?

Inclusion on the Blue List is free.

Where can I find the Blue List?

The Blue List is not publicly accessible. If you are on the Blue List or a partner of the Blue Standard, a Blue Standard expert can share a viewing password.