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Blue’s business directory features businesses, events, venues, and products that have been verified by the Blue Standard’s cross-industry sustainability criteria.

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Plastic Pollution Coalition


Oceanic Global and Plastic Pollution Coalition have teamed up to build universal accountability for businesses working to mitigate the plastic pollution crisis. Our partnership supports the transition from plastics within business models by offering PPC Business Members Sustainability verification through Blue Standard as an independent consulting partner.

Sandals Beach Resort


Luxury resort company Sandal Resorts International (SRI), has partnered with Oceanic Global to reduce single-use plastics and enhance sustainable operating practices. Across the Caribbean, 19 Sandals locations have earned the Blue 2-Star Seal!

Ultra Music Festival


The 2022 Ultra Music Festival earned the Blue 2-star Seal for their work in reducing single-use plastics and implementing comprehensive sustainability measures. At the core of this festival is a commitment to expand environmental awareness and inspire behavior changes on and off the festival grounds.



Off the coast of Colombia, newly launched Corona Island is the first-ever Blue Verified island, earning the highest level of recognition through the program: the 3-Star Plastic-Free Seal. From the guest experiences and daily operations to food sourcing and energy production, sustainability is at the heart of Corona Island.

Just Salad


Just Salad has partnered with Oceanic Global to Blue Verify dozens of locations throughout the US, earning the 2-Star Seal for implementing plant-based menu options, responsible waste management, alternative packaging, food waste reduction, and sustainability champion programs.

Mandarin Oriental


Mandarin Oriental has been awarded the Blue 3-Star Plastic-Free Seal for eliminating over 50 types of single-use plastics from their operations. Additionally, they overcame regionally specific infrastructure & market-based challenges in order to prioritize sustainability efforts.

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