Merchandise & Distribution

As fans and followers are becoming more conscious of their consumption, be a leader through your merchandise and distribution choices! Find companies that produce sustainable merchandise, through organic/sustainably sourced clothing, sustainable records and more. There are many examples of leading artists making the switch to sustainable merchandise, and it is now becoming easier to send a message of sustainability than ever.

As you are designing and developing merch, keep in mind:

Select merchandise producers that manufacture locally, utilize renewable energy, pay workers properly, create with a range of recycled, sustainable, Fairtrade and organic materials,  and print with eco-friendly inks. Check pieces are shipped using compostable or eco-friendly packaging.

Repurpose second-hand clothing for band t-shirts. 


Bon Iver’s sustainable merch collaboration with Ambient Inks saved over 9,946,020 gallons of water, 74,606 ounces of harmful chemicals reduced and 28,026 plastic bottles removed from landfills amongst others. 


Many bands have recently looked to repurpose old merchandise with new screen-printed logos such as The 1975.