Innovation Actions

There are endless ways for your business to champion sustainability and introduce regenerative practices. Innovation actions allow each business to receive recognition for implementing unique strategies.

Businesses are encouraged to think creatively and develop sustainable solutions that are beyond the Blue Actions list. 

An Innovation Action can be substituted for any of the Blue Actions. Innovation Actions need to be submitted to the Oceanic Global team for approval. 

A project is eligible for up to three Innovation Actions.

Please see below for a list of suggestions of innovation actions relevant to the music industry:

*Projects are eligible for up to three Innovation Actions.

Reusable program in effect.

Eco-village including local groups and sustainable vendors to highlight local environmental issues associated with the region as well as local heroes taking action. 

Choose festival sites responsibly (ex. not in protected areas). Ensure that the event is not taking place in environmentally fragile ecosystems like Cenotes. Take a year off to let ecosystems restore.

Ban all food & beverage vendors (including food trucks) from using single-use plastic items (ex. cutlery and plates).

Power the event using 100% renewable energy.

Collect cooking oil for biofuel to use for energy production on-site.

Shift festival/event culture: Implement a plastic-free system, banning single-use plastic items from being brought on-site.