Artist Travel

Play Local Gigs

Play local and stay local when you can! Plan gigs and tours to minimize travel back-and-forth in between locations.

Choose Responsible Transportation

Challenge yourself and your team to opt for taking trains instead of flights, electric vehicles and even shared rides and public transportation rather than private vehicles when possible.

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

For remaining emissions, taking responsibility through carbon offsetting. We recommend incorporating the cost of offsetting your travel into your booking fee. 

Carbon offsetting is the process of calculating your carbon emissions and investing a related amount in projects that support the sequestration of carbon out of the atmosphere, such as planting mangroves, seaweed, trees or managing food waste, capturing methane from landfills, and other methods. Carbon calculators can identify your carbon footprint, translate this into a necessary donation dollar amount, and connect you with relevant projects to achieve carbon neutrality. 

“Blue carbon” or marine ecosystems like seaweed and kelp forests are up to 20 times more efficient at taking CO2 out of the atmosphere than land-based forests. As such, we recommend investing in blue carbon projects to offset carbon emissions associated with your air travel for gigs and shows. 


SeaGrass Grow by The Ocean Foundation is a simple way to calculate your carbon footprint and invest in blue carbon projects! 

Please see the instructions below.
  1. First calculate your carbon footprint HERE
    1. You will need to know your mileage traveled.  
    2. You can either do this on a flight-by-flight basis, or it may make more sense to gather the data for a whole tour and make a one-time payment. 
  2. Input the tons of CO2 you would like to offset HERE, which will be translated to a donation amount.
  3. Provide payment information. 
  4. Share and celebrate your carbon-neutral travel! Help set an example for others.