Verify Your Business Operations

Blue’s three-star verification system helps businesses to reduce single-use plastics and make a continuous commitment to sustainability, while celebrating incremental achievements along the way.

Blue's 3-Star System

Oceanic Global recognizes that it takes small ripples to create waves of change, and awards businesses with one, two or three stars to reflect their level of achievement.

To become Blue Verified, businesses need to measurably remove single-use plastics and implement Blue Actions. Blue Actions are best practices for comprehensive sustainable operations.

Mandatory: Meet or exceed local waste management regulations

Eliminate 3 single-use plastic items & implement 1 Blue Action

Eliminate 6 single-use plastic items & implement 3 Blue Actions

Eliminate all mandatory single-use plastics regularly used on-site & implement 5 Blue Actions

How Blue Works

To achieve Blue Verification, businesses must take significant action - not just to reduce their impact, but to make a postive one. It's not easy. But we've made it simple.

Eliminate 3 plastic items

Implement 1 Blue action

Eliminate 6 plastic items

Implement 3 Blue actions

Eliminate all single-use plastic

All mandatory items, 5 blue actions

Across all:

Meet or exceed local waste management regulations

Benefits of Going Blue

  • Consulting support from Oceanic Global and Blue Consultants
  • Independently verified by Oceanic Global
  • Blue branded marketing collateral including Blue Seal
  • Access to the Blue List network of vetted solution-providers
  • Purchasing deals and discount codes
  • Featured on Oceanic Global’s Blue Business Map
  • Membership in the Blue community

How It Works

Register Your Business
Connect With A Consultant
Blue Assessment & Consultation
Earn Your Stars

Register Your Business

  • To start the process, complete the Registration Form
  • Pay the Project Administration Fee as determined by your business type and size
  • Upon registration, a Blue team member will reach out

Oceanic Global is committed to ensuring the Blue Standard is accessible to all that wish to pursue verification. Financial assistance is available through the Financial Support Application and will be awarded on a case-by-case basis.


Connect With A Consultant

  • Oceanic Global will connect your business with a Blue Standard Consultant
  • The Blue Standard Consultant will walk you through the assessment and documentation process
  • Together, the business and consultant will determine the Scope of Work and consultation fees
  • Learn more about Blue Standard Consulting Services

Blue Standard Consultation is optional. Businesses can opt to complete the documentation and submission independently. If you are already eligible for Blue Verification, please indicate so on the Registration Form. The project administration fee and documentation submission is still required to become Blue Verified.


Assessment & Documentation Submission

  • Submit your Blue assessment and required documentation
  • Oceanic Global’s Blue team will review documentation

Earn Your Stars!

  • Oceanic Global will provide Blue Verified businesses with marketing tools and support to showcase your stars!

Reverification is required every two years

Blue Verified Businesses

We Work With

Case Studies

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok: Three-Star Plastic-Free Verified Hotel

Oceanic Global (OG) partnered with Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok (MO BKK) to eliminate single-use plastics throughout the location over a two-year period in accordance with the brand’s ambitious sustainability KPIs.

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Neapoli Sdn. Bhd.: Three-Star Plastic Free Verified Office Space

Oceanic Global (OG) worked with NEAPOLI Sdn. Bhd. to move into their new office space in 2020 with no single-use plastics on-site and with a responsible waste management plan in place.

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What is the Blue Standard?

The Blue Standard is a first of its kind cross-industry standard. Blue offers a three-star verification system composed of open-source resources, step-by-step auditing and consultation support, and buying deals with vetted, sustainable vendors. Blue also offers product and packaging seals that verify individual products for meeting Blue’s plastic-free criteria. The two synergistic offerings work together to empower businesses to achieve measurable impact that protects our blue planet.

How is it related to Oceanic Global?

Oceanic Global is the nonprofit organization that developed and manages the Blue Standard.

How much does it cost?

Blue’s Industry Solutions Guides are free step-by-step resources that share solutions for your business to eliminate single-use plastics, reduce single-use items, improve waste management, choose non-toxic products, select regenerative food, source responsible seafood, and more.


For businesses that wish to become Blue Verified, a registration fee is required based on the size and type of business.


Oceanic Global is committed to ensuring the Blue Standard is accessible to all that wish to pursue verification. Financial assistance is available through the Financial Support Application and will be awarded on a case-by-case basis.

What size and type of business can be Blue Verified?

Blue welcomes businesses of all sizes. Hospitality, music, events, offices, professional sports, and consumer goods brands are the primary types of businesses that pursue Blue, but all are welcome and encouraged to become verified.

What research/expertise went into Blue?

Oceanic Global’s core team, Board of Scientific Advisors and network of partners supported the development of Blue.

Where can I find a local consultant?

Complete the Blue Verification registration form relevant for your business and Oceanic Global will help put you in touch with a local consultant.

After my business becomes Blue Verified, does it need to reverify?

Re-verification is required every two years. A Blue Standard Consultant will conduct a reassessment of your operations to confirm your continued eligibility for your recognition through the program.

Is Oceanic Global a non-profit or for-profit organization?

Oceanic Global is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in New York, USA. Where applicable, registration fees and donations are a tax deductible expense.