Leave No Trace (Pack in, Pack out)

A huge waste problem currently exists at many festivals and music events globally. This is often due to the items brought to the festival/event that are often left behind. We have the power to change this! With very little effort, it is possible to pack down your campsite and take your items home, to ensure your waste is correctly disposed of, and to ensure you leave nothing behind that you brought to site.

See below the list of most common items left behind on a festival site:
  • Tents – Many tents aimed at festival goers are cheaply made and sold in supermarkets – if possible, look to invest in a more durable, quality tent that you will WANT to take home!
  • Gazebos – Some festivals are looking to ban these due to the volume of refuse left behind – look into tying tarpaulins over your campsite with reusable bungee cords instead. 
  • Camping chairs – Often cheaply constructed, as mentioned above – if taking one, ensure you store it properly and take it home with you. 
  • Inflatables and Costumes – Although it’s tempting to leave behind, take your items home for re-use next year! Alternatively, consider donating to art banks / charity shops / creative groups. 
  • Sleeping Bags – We all know your things can get dirty over the duration of your stay, however most sleeping bags are now machine washable – take yours home and wash it immediately, and if you have no other use for it, consider donating to a homeless shelter for those desperately in need!

Abandoned Tents

The Association of Independent Festivals estimates that a 1/4 of a million so-called “single-use” tents are abandoned at music festivals across the UK each year. Based on estimations by consultancy Julie’s Bicycle, the manufacture of a typical 3.5kg tent emits the equivalent of as much as 25 kg of carbon dioxide.