Choose sustainable decor 

Choose floral options or displays (i.e. living plants, no plastic alternatives)

Rent plants that do not need to be cut to display and can be reused / repotted / donated after the event.

If purchasing plants, offer guests to take them home as a to-go present.

Donating flowers to hospitals / elderly centers / care centers after use.

Opt for non-plastic decor

Paper bunting and/or streamers instead of plastic.

Cardboard hanging decorations in place of plastic danglers.

Replace plastic inflatables with sustainable decoration materials.

Choose cloth/paper banners in the place of plastic signage.

Opt for sustainably sourced and constructed set designs e.g. replace plastic models/items with those constructed with natural materials.

Choose responsible lighting

If using fairy lights, select options that can be plugged in or powered with reusable batteries.

Opt for reusable / rechargeable / non-plastic candle options.

Opt for LED bulbs in all lighting.

Support local artists

Commission local artists or groups to create customized decorations from sustainable materials.

Involve local artists, art schools or employee handiwork to create unique pieces for your music show/event.