Cafeteria Back-of-House (BOH)

If your office has a cafeteria, reduce and eliminate single-use plastics in Back-of-House (BOH) operations. 

Addressing BOH or internal operations can be the most challenging and requires a shift in workplace culture as well as the engagement of the full team for initiatives to be successful. Every business has its own unique set of challenges. The below suggestions provide initial inspiration, although oftentimes the best solutions are creatively designed to suit specific needs. Encourage and challenge your staff to innovate new solutions in their respective sectors. 

*The Blue Standard understands the inherent challenges in finding non-single-use plastic alternatives to some of these items based on what is currently available on the market. Refer to the Plastic Checklist to see which items are not mandatory to receive recognition for achieving “(single-use) plastic-free” operations. 


Click below to find sustainable alternatives to these commonly used items.