Office Space Guide

Blue sets a new standard for office spaces to operate sustainably. 

Oceanic Global believes knowledge should be open-source. This is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to implementing sustainable practices in your office space with a strong focus on reducing single-use plastics and optimizing waste management. Oceanic Global sees tackling plastic and waste within your business as a gateway to take further action.

How to Use This Guide

This guide starts by outlining a checklist of single-use plastic items commonly used in an office space. The guide highlights traditionally used harmful single-use plastic items and identifies operational recommendations and solutions that can be implemented for offices of all types and sizes. This guide also highlights Blue Actions that provide solutions beyond single-use plastics. Blue Actions range from choosing non-toxic products, sourcing local and plant-based food, to responsible seafood and engaging employees, suppliers and third-party partners in your initiatives. Resources integrated throughout the guide include case studies, callouts, did-you-know features (facts and relevant policy updates), and transparency around potential greenwashing.

For businesses that choose to pursue Blue Verification, this guide outlines detailed criteria and associated recommendations to become Blue Verified.

The Power of Industry to Drive Change

Implementing Blue in your office space will inspire best practices in your employees, clients and community and shift workplace culture, to drive a ripple effect of behavior change.


This free industry guide was created by Oceanic Global.


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