Events Program

The Blue Standard Events Program provides sustainable solutions for producing conferences, corporate events, brand activations, retreats, private events, and community gatherings.

The Program Offers

This program focuses on eliminating single-use plastics, reducing waste pre, during and post events and sustainable production recommendations from supplies and procurement, food sourcing, to decorations and travel. Additionally, it provides resources on how to engage with vendors, sponsors, and third-party partners.

  • Open-source Resources
  • Step-by-Step Auditing
  • Consultation Support
  • Guidelines for vendors, sponsors and third-party suppliers
  • Purchasing Deals with Vetted Vendors
  • Marketing & Communication Toolkits

Verify your Event through Blue’s 3 Star System and see how it works HERE.

Go Blue

Blue has created free open-source and step-by-step guides to help all businesses implement sustainable practices and achieve Blue Verification.

We Work With

Case Studies

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