Responsible Seafood Guide

The Blue Action Responsible Seafood Guide is a universal guide to best practices for sourcing fish and seafood in your business and at home. 

Oceanic Global believes knowledge should be open-source. This Blue Action Guide is a free educational resource and helps outline a Blue Action your business can take in your path towards achieving Blue Verification. 

What is Responsible Seafood?

Responsible seafood consumption is a key consideration for businesses and individuals due to the resulting environmental, social and health implications; however, responsible seafood can be very difficult to define as the global community has not aligned on a shared definition, and options vary considerably based on context and available information. 

When we choose to buy sustainable seafood, this influences suppliers to source more environmentally responsible products, pushes markets and drives significant improvements throughout the industry. Our everyday choices can have an impact on the health of the ocean. (

How to Use This Guide

This guide highlights the complexity of sourcing seafood and the cost of irresponsible practices. This guide walks you through the factors to consider when choosing your seafood, along with clear lists of what to choose and avoid, and criteria to consider when sourcing your seafood. Resources integrated throughout the guide include case studies, callouts, did-you-know features (facts and relevant policy updates), links to research sources, films to watch, and our Blue Action Requirements to achieve verification. 

For businesses that choose to pursue Blue Verification, this guide outlines detailed criteria and associated recommendations your business can take to earn the Responsible Seafood Blue Action in your path towards achieving Blue Verification.


This free industry guide was created by Oceanic Global.


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