While recycling, or the recovery of materials to create new products and materials, is a necessary part of the solution, keep in mind that it is not the complete solution. To achieve a truly “circular” economy, we must start by refusing and reducing consumption, reusing and repurposing existing products, and repairing old or broken products as a priority. Reducing and properly managing waste in your own life, at home or at your business, is a highly effective way to minimize your negative environmental impact and to live in harmony with our shared blue planet!

Let this guide be an ongoing resource for you as you navigate the world of recycling. Come back to reference the tips and best practices for recycling more effectively and spread the word! As the world comes to terms with our global waste crisis, we all have the power to be part of the solution. #SolutionsExist #BalanceIsPossible

Partners & Resources 

  1. RecycleGO can help your business set up recycling programs and offers solutions for transparency and reporting.
  2. Rubicon offers recycling programs as well as data tracking and reporting.
  3. EcoCycle offers waste management services as well as a wealth of educational resources including this video series about recycling. 
  4. Recycle Across America/Recycle Across the World offers standardized labeling for recycling, composting and waste bins. Consistent messaging is highly important.
  5. First Mile offers hard-to-recycle solutions in the UK.
  6. Recycle Now is a UK government initiative to spread awareness about proper recycling.
  7. How2Reycle can help you learn about recycling systems in your region and guide you to find local solutions.
  8. TerraCycle offers hard-to-recycle solutions globally.
  9. Earth911 is a great resource for recycling of all kinds and shares easy-to-understand guides.
  10. The European Commission has a page on waste and recycling with background information and further context to relevant legislation.