Announce Your Blue Seal

Now that your business has achieved Blue verification, it’s time to celebrate and spread the word! Communicating your success is a valuable tool to set your business apart while showcasing your leadership and commitment to a more sustainable planet. 

Some examples include:

Showcase your Blue verification badge/plaque on the entrance to your business

Create custom marketing materials incorporating Blue

Utilize the digital assets on your website

Businesses can work with Oceanic Global to develop custom communications resources and strategies.

Communicating Through Guest Touchpoints

Share the success of your Blue Verification to your guests and clients by taking advantage of physical and digital guest touchpoints to communicate your achievement and ongoing sustainability initiatives. By providing patronage and supporting your business, guests are contributing to creating a more sustainable planet. Touchpoints can also provide opportunities for guests to take part in your sustainability initiatives and contribute to the positive impact!

Beyond visual touchpoints on-site, some examples of guest engagement include:

Encourage guests/fans to bring their own reusable water bottles for refill if you have contactless and safe refill stations in place.

Include messaging pre-event, on social media, websites as well as in signage on-site.