While reusables are the best choice for the health of our planet and communities, we know that for temporary events and activations in particular this can be very difficult to achieve. Below are recommendations for making reusables work, although the approved disposable list may be more relevant for your activation.

On-site/venue dining:

Use a professional dishwashing service to clean reusable dishware.

Companies are emerging to offer full-service dishwashing solutions for venues and events that don’t have the infrastructure, space or capacity. 

If dishwashing infrastructure needs to be installed, the pay-back period can be less than a year. 


Rent reusable dishware from local suppliers or caterers who can handle the dishwashing logistics.


When reusables are not applicable, choose disposable options that are compatible with available waste management infrastructure.

Approved disposable materials

Materials may include: wood, bamboo, palm leaf, paper, cardboard, agricultural byproducts, bagasse, miscanthus (“silver grass”), and other fiber-based options.


A 2018 study by Hope Solutions calculated that over 100 million single-use plastic cups are used in the UK events industry each year. If the entirety of the industry was to make the switch to reusables, approximately 1000 tonnes of CO2 & 300 tonnes of waste would be saved per 1 million reusable cups used!