Blue Action: Choose a site connected to the grid to avoid using generators.

Blue Action: Purchase carbon offsets to offset your production.


Investigate ways to improve the efficiency of the venue itself. Many guidelines exist listing suggested energy-efficient lighting, HVAC systems, and design. 

Choose renewable energy options to power production where possible. 

Many providers exist for providing renewable energy to festivals and events of growing scales.

Choose energy-efficient production elements such as LED lighting and screens. Limit pyro and high-intensity laser stunts where possible, substitute with strobes (lower energy output) 

LEDs consume only 25-35 percent of the power of gas-discharge strobe and halogen lights. As a result, LED strobe lights have a service life that is 10 times longer.

Event sites:

Choose a site connected to the grid to avoid the use of diesel generators. 

Plan site accordingly to optimise energy availability for site set up

Source renewable energy options to power your site.