Cutlery / Utensils


Where applicable, serve guests with non-toxic reusable cutlery or provide reusables at self-serve stations.

Work with venue management to streamline collection of dirty utensils with dishware, or work with professional reuse contractor on collection and washing.

COVID Tip: Serve cutlery wrapped in a napkin to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging. 


When reusables are not applicable, choose disposable options that are compatible with available waste management infrastructure.

Approved disposable materials include wooden and bamboo options. 

Implement a protocol to only offer single-use utensils upon request.

Fill existing dispensers with wooden or bamboo cutlery rather than single-use plastic cutlery.

Tip – Sell reusable cutlery kits as merch!

COVID Tip: Install contactless cutlery dispensers. 


Reusable cutlery rental program We Use succeeded in reducing the usage of more than 270,000 pieces of one-off tableware, over more than 300 events in the city of Hong Kong – which directs more than 175 tonnes of disposable tableware to landfill every day.