Temporary Signage

Banners, Posters & Signage

Identify what signage you are using onsite and see how creative you can be with sustainable alternatives. 

Choose aluminium frames and cloth banners. 

Choose printed posters made from recycled materials. 

Create signage that can be used again for future events by keeping the messaging general. 

Choose a non-synthetic canvas to screen print/paint upon to create a personalised, unique display option.

Repurpose waste materials such as cardboard and hand-painted boards for a personalised signage experience. 

Collaborate with local artists or team members to create signage – use non-toxic water-based paints and donate leftover art materials.

Avoid plastic products such Foamex, Correx, Form Board and Di-bond (Aluminium Composite) – all of which are made from non-biodegradable materials

Rigid Paper Composite Boards are now produced to offer a sustainable alternative, with options constructed from recycled materials. 

Many suppliers now offer ‘eco’ options to traditional plastics – check with your existing suppliers.