Giveaways / Gift Bags


As guests are increasingly aware of sustainable practices, sourcing sustainable gifts are becoming key expectations. 

Remove if possible. 

Only provide reusable cloth or paper bags. 

Choose items to feature local artisans or businesses 

It is best to provide items that facilitate a behaviour shift towards responsible consumption such as a reusable water bottle, a travel-sized reusable utensil set, reusable straws, a bamboo pen, etc. 

Consider the quality and estimated lifespan of all items. Choose items that are durable, long-lasting and will be used beyond the immediate experience. 

Source plastic-free options, including options with plastic-free packaging. 

Tip – Stay away from upcycled plastic clothing and items that need to be washed regularly as they add to microplastic shedding. 

Select merchandise producers that manufacture locally, utilize renewable energy, fair labor, create with a range of recycled, renewable, and organic materials, and print with eco-friendly inks.

Ensure that packaging also aligns with sustainability initiatives (plastic-free, responsibly sourced) including bags given to customers. 

Tip – Ask customers if they want a bag before offering them one.