Structural Elements

Blue Action: Use reclaimed and sustainable materials for all building / set needs including signage and banners on-site.

Blue Action: Reuse or donate used building equipment, props, decorations and furniture to charities, shelters, etc. after use.

Building music venues/event sites can be a large part of the overall experience – work with your technical producers to make it as sustainable as possible.

Sustainable construction suggestions:

  • Choose modular pieces that can be used again. 
  • Choose wood, metal and cloth materials. 
  • Avoid unnecessary construction where possible and highlight any existing infrastructure or natural topography. 

Stage Build

Choose to construct your stages from sustainably sourced, recycled materials such as shipping crates, wooden pallets and repurposed metals and waste products. Many music events are leading the movement into alternative stages.

Use reusable, modular materials that can be used again. 

Wooden pallets can be easily repurposed and reused

Waste metals from building sites can be reused

Shipping containers are a common structural object at music events now!

Incorporate existing infrastructure and plan your event around the site.


Ocean Plastic Stage

Orca Sound Project created the world’s first stage to be built with 100% upcycled plastics at Glastonbury 2019. 10 tonnes of plastics was collected from 70 locations cleaned in the South West of England and upcycled through a transparent process to build the stage. 


Often event furniture can be rented, built from recycled materials, or repurposed from previous events! 

If renting furniture, work with your vendors to eliminate plastic packaging or find furniture rentals that use reusable packaging. 

If you are investing in furniture, select options that can be reused in future events.

Build/construct your own from sustainable materials such as wooden pallets and reclaimed wood.

Donate all furniture post-events to local housing/homeless associations after use if not able to reuse in future events.

Do not use bean bags filled with polystyrene balls! Natural alternatives to plastic-filled bean bags exist. 

Sustainable Decorations

Choose sustainable decor for your event. Do away with cheap single-use plastic and opt for natural, recycled or living decorations!

See below for sustainable ideas:
  1. Choose floral options/displays (living plants, no plastic alternatives)
    1. Vines, ferns and other plant options that do not need to be cut to display can be reused/repotted/donated after the event.
    2. Donate flowers to hospitals / elderly centres / care centres after use.
  2. Opt for non-plastic decor:
    1. Opt for paper bunting and/or streamers instead of plastic.
    2. Cardboard hanging decorations instead of plastic danglers.
    3. Replace plastic inflatables with sustainable decoration materials.
    4. Choose cloth/paper banners in the place of plastic signage.
    5. Opt for sustainably sourced and constructed set designs e.g. replace plastic models/items with those constructed with natural materials.
  3. If using fairy lights, select options that can be plugged in/ powered with reusable batteries.
    1. Opt for reusable/rechargeable/non-plastic candle options.
  4. No balloons / glitter
    1. Sustainable & biodegradable glitter options now exist! Selecting fully biodegradable glitter is a good secondary option, removing harmful microplastics.
  5. Commission local artists or groups to create customized decorations from sustainable materials.
    1. Involve local artists, art schools or employee handiwork to create unique pieces for your music show/event.