Production Elements

Choose Reusable

Many materials and products used in production are designed to be single-use or made out of plastic materials. We recommend producing your activation with sustainable materials, recycled/upcycled materials and natural elements when possible.

Choose reusable, repurposed, or eco-friendly materials for setup infrastructure.

Include natural elements of the site in your build.

Use existing or material fit for repurposing from art banks, DIY creations or local artists.

Swap plastic decorations for sustainable decor

Involve artists, art schools or employee handiwork to create unique pieces for your music show/event. 

Marketing & Communications Collateral

When preparing for an event as well as executing an event, it all includes developing a lot of collateral. Whether these are decks, production timelines, site maps, marketing assets etc. The first tip is to go digital → paper free! Develop a system and let your team and clients know how best to access your digital assets. If you find yourself needing these papers on the go, it may be a good idea to invest in an iPad so you can share information quickly when on walk-throughs or during an event! 

Going paperless can extend beyond your internal operations to the assets you are creating to interact with potential guests. 

Digital save the dates, RVPS and invitations

If you are printing: 

Consider using recycled paper or seed paper 

Use compostable tape

Non-toxic inks