Takeaway Containers


Allow and encourage customers to bring their own clean containers (BYO).

Offer incentives to customers that bring their own containers.

For takeaway:

 Offer incentives

Create a customer incentive program for using reusable take-away containers or have customers pay a deposit that will be given back when they return the container. 

COVID Tip: Use contactless serving methods or serve takeaway customers on dishware for them to transfer food to their own containers. That dishware would then be considered dirty. 

For delivery: 

Start a reusable delivery program

Start a reusable container program compatible with your delivery network.

There are professional reusable takeaway delivery programs that manage the logistics of tracking, collecting and washing containers. Every program varies; explore what is available in your area. 

COVID Tip: Implement best practices to sanitize reusable containers alongside contactless drop off systems. That includes washing takeaway containers at high heat and with approved detergent.

For large-scale venues or events: 

Use professional dishwashing services

There are professional reuse systems with commercial-grade dishwashing services that handle the logistics and washing of reusable systems. Many of these focus specifically on providing reusable food container programs.  

Case Study:

Just Salad’s reusable bowl program has been successfully in effect since 2006! 


When reusables are not applicable, choose disposable options that are compatible with available waste management infrastructure.

Approved disposable materials

Materials may include: wood, bamboo, palm leaf, paper, cardboard, agricultural byproducts, bagasse, miscanthus (“silver grass”), and other fiber-based options.

Remember to ask about and avoid PFAS.