Go straw-free! Eliminate single-use plastic straws where you can. 

Have some reusable straws on-site available for those who need one.

Reduce the number of straws provided by only offering them upon request. This will save money while reducing your plastic footprint. 

Create an incentive program that encourages your customers to bring their own straw.

Provide or sell reusable straws on-site.


When reusables are not applicable, choose disposable options that are compatible with available waste management infrastructure.

Approved disposable materials

Materials may include: agricultural byproducts, reed, hay, pasta, bamboo, seaweed, lemongrass, and paper.  

Remember to ask for and avoid PFAS.


Straw bills that ban the use of single-use plastic straws are appearing across the globe. Check to see what legislation is in place or in process in your community.


A Science Magazine study published in 2017 estimated that as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches. Plastic straws are also among the top 10 contributors to plastic marine debris across the globe, washing up on beaches and fatally injuring sea life.