For on-site dining:

Serve reusables

Serve dine-in guests with reusable dishware.

If dishwashing infrastructure needs to be installed, the pay-back period can be less than a year. 

Legislation is appearing in California to mandate that sit-down food outlets must provide reusable foodware for on-site dining if dishwashing capabilities are available.

For large-scale venues or events:

Rent reusables

Rent reusable dishware from local suppliers or caterers who often also handle the dishwashing and logistics. This market is new but growing; take the time to explore what is available near you.


When reusables are not applicable, choose disposable options that are compatible with available waste management infrastructure.

Approved disposable materials

Materials may include: wood, bamboo, palm leaf, paper, cardboard, agricultural byproducts, bagasse, miscanthus (“silver grass”), and other fiber-based options.