Cutlery / Utensils


COVID Tip: Serve cutlery wrapped in a napkin to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging. 


When reusables are not applicable, choose disposable options that are compatible with available waste management infrastructure.

Approved disposable materials include wooden and bamboo options. 

For takeaway: 

Offer upon-request

Implement a company-wide protocol to only offer single-use utensils upon request.

Where applicable: work with delivery platforms to default to no single-use utensils unless upon request. 

Train all employees and new-hires about the no single-use utensil protocol. 

Include on-site and online messaging that encourages guests ordering taking away to opt out of single-use cutlery if they are eating at home, as they most likely have their own reusable options. 

For large-scale venues or events: 

Replace dispensers

Fill existing dispensers with wooden or bamboo cutlery rather than single-use plastic cutlery.

COVID Tip: Install contactless cutlery dispensers.


Comforts, a café in San Anselmo that completes 1,000 daily transactions, succeeded in eliminating the use of 288,335 pieces of single-use food packaging such as plastic cutlery, reducing their trash generation by 2.4 tons, and earning an ongoing net cost savings of nearly $14,000, all on an annual basis.