Carry Out Bags

Reduce & Reuse

For takeaway:

Allow customers to bring and pack their own bags

This contributes to savings on the cost of single-use plastic bags.

Sell reusable bags on-site. 

Offer a discount for those who bring their own bags.

Implement a bag fee, which may already be mandated depending on local policy. 


When reusables are not applicable, choose disposable options compatible with available waste management infrastructure. 

Approved disposable materials

Materials may include: paper, cassava, and other home compostable options. 

For paper, choose post-consumer recycled and/or sustainably forested options (such as FSC-certified).

There are cassava options that are truly water-soluble and break down within 6 months in soil, home compost, and landfill conditions. These are best for short-term use. 


Bans on single-use plastic bags are the most common form of legislation regulating single-use plastic consumption. By 2019, 32 countries had announced bans on plastic bags (Waste 360). Many plastic bag bans are specifically targeted at retailers rather than restaurants, but this is starting to change.